1st place for our student in a competition in Poland

The 5th year of the international robotic competition Robotic Tournament took place on Saturday April 6th 2013 in the polish city Rybnik. One hundred robots from Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic attended. The competition categories were Mini Sumo, LEGO Sumo, Linefollower, LEGO Linefollower, Micromouse and Freestyle. The most popular were the Sumo fights and Linefollower. Slovak participants competed in all disciplines and this fact influenced the general results. The category Micromouse, in which the robot’s task is to find the exit of a maze, the Slovak robot Nite 3 won the first place. Its author is Lukáš Pariža, student of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava.

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