Advanced methods of image processing used in visual systems and their implementation to the educational process

Development of a new modern university textbooks and didactic tools requires innovative research in the scientific field. The effective usage of such research within the teaching process assumes a preparation on the methodology of this research in education process, creating of the modern didactic tools and teaching aids, and university textbooks. The aim of the project is research in the filed of advanced image processing in a visual systems and the usage of such research especially in subjects of 1st, 2nd and 3rd level of university education. The ambition of the project is to create such aids and textbooks, which can be used in several technical disciplines and study programs at Slovak universities. There is an assumption, that they will be also used in specialized secondary schools or in the professional public.

The visual system as a sensory system is applied in a variety of technical areas, so this project has an interdisciplinary nature. With the development of visual systems hardware, it is needed to explore new and analyze existing image processing methods in these systems. The nature of the project presumes the employment of modern software and hardware resources into a teaching process. These resources will enable the students to better understand the possiblities of employment of visual systems in different technical areas. The content of the project is to explore advanced methods for filtering and image segmentation, identification of objects in the image, the reconstruction of 3D scenes from a image, and the detection of significant features in the image.

 The project will also focus on progressive trends in the visual systems, including high-speed imaging in mechatronic systems or 3D interpretation of the scene.

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1. January, 2014 to 31. December, 2016


mechatronics, new approaches, new technologies, handbook, videoanalysis