Advanced methods for networked control systems

The project goal is to develop new methods for software control systems. At present, this direction belongs to the most important ones in the field of control systems in process automation. Complex system control theory problems will be solved, based on decentralized control, considering variable transport delays in communication between subsystems. Problems of stability and performance of complex system control will be solved. Research in the field of methods for network control system design will include comprehensive solution of decomposed complex system control design problems, problems dealing with communication between subsystems of complex system and problems of real time control systems. The comprehensive software package for network control system will be developed including both universal and applied software tools. In this point, focus is on open and universal software package, the latest trends in the field will be considered.


Advanced methods for networked control systems

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1. January, 2010 to 31. December, 2011


sieťový riadiaci systém, decentralizované riadenie, robustné riadenie, adaptívne riadenie, zložitý systém, programové vybavenie reálny čas, technické komunikácie