Application of algebraic methods to nonlinear control systems

The project goal is given by research in the area of nonlinear control systems, continuous-, discrete-time a time-delay, employing modern algebraic methods. In particular, the attention is paid to the polynomial approach and the transfer function formalism for nonlinear systems. Since such a formalism has many properties we expect of transfer functions the aim is to carry over the ideas and methods known from the linear control theory. Hence, such a research can possibly bring new results and methods of analysis and synthesis of nonlinear control systems while maintaining the formal similarity with the linear control theory. This could have a fundamental effect to the later practical application of the theoretical results, for in practice the transfer function formalism is well known, understandable and frequently used.

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1. January, 2014 to 31. December, 2017


nonlinear systems, control theory, algebraic approach, polynomial approach, transfer functions