The Institute has a long-term cooperation with leading universities, research and development organizations and industrial enterprises in Slovak Republic, Czech Republic and Europe-wide.

Quality of research and development activities of the institute staff and its research teams is traditionally high, which confirm successfully solved joint projects with Czech, French, Italian, German, Latvian, Hungarian and Austrian universities. During the last 10 years a total of 12 such projects were successfully solved.

The dominant portion of this cooperation has been the joint education of doctoral students and appointment of joint doctoral commissions with international universities (France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria). 9 co-supervised doctoral theses have been defended so far, and 3 international doctoral students are supervised by institute workers at present.

In solution of joint projects dealing with education and implementation of innovative modern learning forms the institute has a significant position as a leading European workplace. 7 European projects have been solved and coordinated by the institute in the last decade.

Industry cooperation is the most important in the fields of power engineering, automotive industry, chemical engineering, welding and materials cutting etc. During the last five years, the institute has cooperated with industrial enterprises within more than 10 projects; the achieved significant research and application outcomes contributed to innovation of control systems and practical implementation of advanced control algorithms and information and communication technologies. In cooperation with leading industrial organizations, 4 joint research and development workplaces have been established at the institute for education and trainings of new workers in power engineering and automotive industry

In the last years, cooperation of the institute focuses on integration of research activities and cooperation with STU faculties, other universities and institutes of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in the solution of European projects within the calls of Operational Programme Research & Development, that focuses on smart technologies, innovative forms of manufacturing and energy consumption from heterogeneous resources, information assurance as well as foreseeing and management of critical situations in population protection.