Integration and development of nonlinear and robust control methods and their application to control of flying vehicles

The project is focused on the nonlinear system design (using algebraic approach), time delayed system control and the control of the systems with constraints on variables being a part of hybrid, autonomous and intelligent systems. It develops simulation methods, methods of modeling and automated design of control systems using combination of numeric and symbolic methods and programs. Project objective includes formulation of given problems within design of embedded systems and PLC implementation and control signals processing. It regards aspects of remote control via Internet, mobile and radio communications, identification and compensation of nonlinearities. The integration of mentioned topics within implementation and physical realization of concrete algorithms and control structures is the dominant aspect of the project. It will include especially remote control of processes, control of real physical model of helicopter (pilotless flying machines) and other strongly nonlinear and possibly unstable systems.

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1. January, 2009 to 31. December, 2012