Modern methods for network control systems

Project aims at a development and design of advanced methods for network control systems. Original algorithms for adaptive, robust and predictive decentralized control will be designed to provide algorithmic solutions for complex system network control under the uncertainties. The research will be oriented towards the development of methods considering uncertainties typical for network systems - varying time delays and information loss in communication network. In cooperation with research in network control methods, the software for real-time network control will be completed according to the latest know-how and trends in this area.


Modern methods for network control systems

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1. January, 2012 to 31. December, 2015


sieťový riadiaci systém, decentralizované riadenie, zložitý systém, prediktívne riadenie, programové vybavenie pre riadenie v reálnom čase, adaptívne riadenie, robustné riadenie