New generation of interface for service robots teleoperatoric control

The project deals with the enhancement of the operator-robot interface by elements that will secure improved environment perception by the operator, improvement of robot haptic feedback and design of new robot control system for several movement axes at one time, using new technologies, virtual models, voice commands, etc. On this basis a new testing and training facility for mobile robot operators will also be set up.

The project exploits the suitable timing for the implementation, when technologies investigated in laboratories have by far overtaken the systems that still pertain in practice. This will enable quality improvement of teleoperatory conrol of service robots by a whole generation and will generate a comparative advantage for the applicant in the placement of his products on the market. An economic effect will be the increase in added value in new robots by approx. 30% in turnover and increase of employment.

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1. July, 2015 to 31. October, 2017