OpenSource teaching and developement lab

In the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology in Bratislava (Slovak University of Technology) was built a new laboratory focusing on the development of open source projects. This workplace permits to develop own projects, but it is possible to participate in existing one, as well. Accordingly, during our project we participated in other existing projects. We have documented procedures how to behave in the given problematic, how these specific projects should be managed and what mistakes to avoid.

That it is an attractive theme is indicated by the fact that we received more than 10 citations in prestigious international journals and proceedings. Considerable relevance has the profit of AATCE certificate from Apple. This certificate allows us to train and develop new products for this company. We obtained this certificate as the first in Eastern Europe. As part of the project a workplace for creating modern lectures (web, video) was created, as well.


OpenSource teaching and developement lab

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1. January, 2011 to 31. December, 2013