Optimization of mechatronic system control

The project is focused on the research control and optimization of mechatronic systems. Some topical problems related to the fields of intelligent motion systems, control and navigation of autonomous mobile robotic systems and sensory signal processing were resolved. Original results were obtained in the fields of motion planning, quick and robust algorithms based on VSS theory, quasi-optimal control of weakly damped systems with restrictions imposed on the control signals, minimization of model parameters, and identification of block-oriented nonlinear systems.  Other research activities were aimed at the elaboration of the original decomposition theory of complex systems using principle of the key-member separation to identify block-oriented nonlinear systems. Approaches to robot fuzzy navigation in unknown and dynamic environments based on fuzzy logic, and off-line and on-line evolutionary-based optimization of computations with direct impact to mobile robotics were elaborated as well.


Optimization of mechatronic system control

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1. January, 2009 to 31. December, 2012