Our students on the workshop in Poland

Several events took place on September 17th through 21st, 2013 within the Visegrád robotic workshop that was held on Łodz University of Technology. A delegation of our students and doctoral students attended under the guidance of Ing. Richard Balogh, PhD.  

• 17.-18.9. Visegrád robotic workshop
• 19-13.0. International conference Robotics in Education
 • 20-13.6. Robotour international competition of outdoor robots

A short video from the event:

A few impressions of Ing. Agnes Chovancova who participated:
 "The first day of the workshop was dedicated to Arduino programming and creating applications for the Android OS with language called Processing. In addition to the theoretical foundations we were given the Micromouse robot, on which we were able to test acquired knowledge. We programmed our own application and our team decided to program the robot as a toy for children able to perform the classic game known as "The Chase”.

Second day of the workshop consisted of presentation and introduction to programming in LabVIEW. We have worked with the NI Robotics Starter Kit 1.0 hardware, on which we were able to program our own robot "drawn" in LabVIEW.

 On Thursday and Friday we attended the international conference Robotics in Education that was devoted to teaching Robotics in school system spanning from primary schools to universities. On Thursday afternoon we took a tour around the city Łódź that ended in a White factory, where a common dinner for all conference participants was held.

On Friday, each team presented its project from the first day of the workshop. On Saturday the Robotour competition of mobile robots took place in the Poniatowskego  park. On the afternoon all participants presented their solutions to problems they encountered during the preparation for the contest."