The research at the institute develops in line with latest development trends in automation, information and communication technologies.

After the Institute establishing, the core of research activities was delegated to institute departments.

The research at the institute focuses on development of automatic control methods and their application in drive systems, robotics, power engineering, manufacturing, chemical processes and biomedical engineering.

Successively, research interests started aiming at optimal control of complex systems, decentralized, adaptive, robust and predictive control approaches, soft computing methods in control, and at present mainly at network and robust hybrid control approaches.

In many areas, research teams at the institute worked their way up to leading workplaces in Slovakia and even Europe- and world-wide which testifies rich publishing activity including international journals, monographs and proceedings of important international conferences (IFAC, IEEE, ECC etc.)

  • Intelligent Navigation of Service Robot
  • Robust hybrid control methods
  • Algebraic approaches to nonlinear systems control
  • Modern control methods of industrial prorocess
  • New methods and software for networked control
  • Biocyberneticsa and Telemedicine

Research project list