Laboratories at the Institute of Robotics and Cybernetics


The Institute of Robotics and Cybernetics conducts research and teaching in laboratories that are funded primarily through grants, industry tasks, and donations from companies. The equipment in these laboratories is the result of research conducted by staff, PhD students, and students. The Institute also receives assistance from cooperating institutions, which lend state-of-the-art equipment to specific laboratories for a certain period of time. This cooperation benefits the professional development of the Institute's staff by providing them with experience working with current high-tech equipment. It also benefits students, who have the opportunity to work with practical equipment, and the cooperating institutions. The use of current equipment allows for the solution of scientific and technical tasks and provides practical experience for graduates. The laboratories showcased in photographs are used for research, granting assignments, and projects related to doctoral programs in Robotics and Cybernetics, as well as accredited study programs in Robotics and Cybernetics.

Laboratory of Control of Continuous and Discrete Processes

Cybernetics Laboratory

Laboratory of SMART Technologies

Center of Excellence for SMART Systems - Research Laboratory

Control Theory Laboratory

3D Printing and CAD/CAM Laboratory

Laboratory of Theoretical Robotics

Visual Systems Laboratory

Laboratory of Intelligent Servo Systems

Laboratory of Motion Servo Systems

Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Computational Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence

Schneider Electric Laboratory

Industrial Robotics Laboratory

The administrative section of the institute also comprises laboratories, which house the National Centre of Robotics ( Students use these laboratories either as part of their final projects or directly during their studies.

Mobile Robotics Laboratory

LIDARETTO Laboratory

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Panza Robotics Laboratory

MATADOR Automation Laboratory

Laboratory of Flying Robotic Systems